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3 oncology-focused projects, including novel targeted therapies (molecules and antibodies), under development and potentially available for licensing or collaboration.
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04/25/13 : OriBase Pharma is entitled to taxes return for investment

Thanks to a first round of fund raising realized successfully ( 1 500 000€), involving 52 investors, we were able...
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Management Team

The OriBase  management team comprises several years of combined experience in both major biotech and large scale pharmaceutical companies. This includes both business, commercial and scientific expertise. The 4 members of the management team have authored or co-authored nearly 30 articles in peer-reviewed publications, and are inventors on 10 patent applications covering a full range of scientific innovations. The combination of the management team blends critical achievements in scientific, business and commercial expertise and achievements in a range of technologies.

P. Gires, CEO

Pascal Gires

Pascal Gires, 57, joined Oribase in April 2016 as CEO.
He holds an MBA in Management from ESSEC Business School and is a Chartered Accountant, working for E&Y former Arthur Andersen firm for 4 years.
Starting his carreer as Finance Controller in leading French Water Utility Company Generale des Eaux, he has then served in all finance fonctions in top leading firms as Pharmaceutical Group Servier, Beverage and Luxury Goods LVMH, Logistics Group EXEL, International Mail at French Post and lately CEO of French Retail Mail Order Group 3 Suisses.
Dedicated to the restructuring and change in organisations to achieve growth, he is acknowledged for his fine analysis, down to earth approach and fast decisions.
Since 2009, he has led many restructuring moves in middle size companies mainly in the tertiary sector.
His collaboration with Oribase aims at boosting the company’s potential and strenthtening the management team in order to target new opportunities.

Dr A. YASRI, Chief Scientific Officer and Main founder

P. Gires

Dr A. Yasri, Scientific Director and Mainfounder, holds a PhD in Biophysics and drug sciences. A. Yasri has more than 22 years of experience in start-ups, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry and within management and business development. He joined the team of Synt:em (start-up in Nîmes) as a Senior Scientist to participate in all the development stages of the company whose growth was characterized by a transition from 5 to 35 employees in 3 years. His management experience and drug discovery expertise was developed within ArQule Inc. (USA) and in Johnson&Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development (Belgium). A. Yasri was one of the founders of Nova Decision. He was the CEO from september 2007 to avril 2016 and is currently the Chief Scientific Officer of OriBase Pharma.

Dr. B. FAUVEL, Pharmacology Group Leader

Dr. Fauvel

Dr. B. Fauvel, Pharmacology Group Leader, has a PhD in Biology and Health and 12 years experience in pharmaceutical R&D. Dr B. Fauvel, prior to joining OriBase Pharma in 2008, worked for Sanofi-Aventis in the Drug Metabolism Pharmacokinetics & Safety department. Now she is in charge of the pharmacology development and project leadership.

Dr B. CAZALS, Chemistry R&D Group Leader

Dr. Cazals

Dr. B. Cazals, Chemistry R&D Group Leader, holds MSc and PhD in Organic Chemistry in collaboration with Idenix Pharmaceuticals. In 2010, B. Cazals joined Azasynth as chemist scientist. Currently, she takes care of the laboratory organization, manages the chemists’ team and chemistry projects. She is also in charge of IP management.


Dr. G. CHEVE, Computational Drug Design Group Leader

Dr. Cheve

Dr G. Chevé, Computational Drug Design Group Leader, has PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and 2 PostDocs in Computational chemistry (France, US). He possesses an experience of more than 13 years in Drug Design partially in the pharmaceutical industry (Pierre Fabre Laboratories). G. Chevé joined Nova Decision in 2008 and he currently leads the computational drug design group and supports and manages R&D projects.