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Parc Euromédecine, Cap Gamma
1682 Rue de la Valsière - CS17383
34189 Montpellier cedex 4 - FRANCE

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3 oncology-focused projects, including novel targeted therapies (molecules and antibodies), under development and potentially available for licensing or collaboration.
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04/25/13 : OriBase Pharma is entitled to taxes return for investment

Thanks to a first round of fund raising realized successfully ( 1 500 000€), involving 52 investors, we were able...
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OriBase Pharma Team

The OriBase Pharma team consists of experienced senior executives, research and technology specialists, and a skilled team of PhDs working in our laboratories. Each team member possesses valuable industry knowledge and brings creativity to the daily tasks. The OriBase Pharma team creates value by applying diverse approaches to our work, and ensuring knowledge sharing across all functions.